Design you 12 week plan during COVID-19

Written by Pete Howroyd 

Image by LumenSoft Technologies

With the majority of us now working remotely from home, and getting caught up on those Netflix series we never get chance to watch, it can be a difficult time to focus and prioritize what is important at work.


Today is the perfect day to create your 12 week plan! Many of you may already have something in place, if so congratulations! For those who don’t, start thinking about the next 12 weeks and what needs to happen to keep your CRM, Loyalty and Marketing programs on track.


Not sure where to start? Look at the data in your programs from the last 2 – 3 weeks. What do the trends tell you? What tactics and strategies need to be created to maintain current engagement, increase engagement or re-engage those who are starting to fall away? Remember, you don’t need to always send promotional offers to customers to keep them engaged, simply sending a note asking for their feedback or an update about the current processes can be enough to keep you at the front of their minds.


Be aware that the current trends are set to become more severe, so if you are seeing large numbers of lapsing customers then its likely this will get worse and therefore you need to plan a strong re-engagement campaign to keep customers informed. If they can still purchase from you let them know how.


Here’s some of our top points your 12 week plan should consider:


1. Create a COVID-19 steering team, decide who’s in it and how frequently you will meet (virtually).


2. Which customers are still engaging and how do you maintain them?


3. Which customers are your top customers and how do you look after them? (A call right now would go a long way!)


4. Which customers are about to lapse and what campaign & mechanics can you use to win them back?


5. If you are lucky enough to have a team of analysts, use the strength of CRM analysis to run predictive modelling to forecast the full effect of the customer engagement during this period.


6. What data do you need to inform yourself about how the strategy should be built? For example, Basket, Profile, value segment and channel data.


7. What marketing tools do you have at your disposal and when can you use them?


8. What content do you have available and how quickly can you update it?


9. What resources do you have that are available to help on other projects?


10. Which projects can be put on hold and re-prioritized to protect the business?


Begin to map your 12 week plan by day, starting with the areas of the plan you will focus on daily. Encourage each of your team members to do the same and use your regular catch up time to update each other on the progress of your 12 week plan.


Its important to keep referring to your plan and be flexible to change your plan should business priorities change. Be ready to add in new initiatives and put others on hold as new data and information to shared by your internal teams and the government.


Get in touch should you need any assistance with your 12 week plan


Pete is the founder of The loyalty People and has directed and grown many well-known loyalty programs across department stores, fashion, pharma, and luxury retail. Known within the industry as a thought leader and expert in his field, Pete has a passion for unlocking the value of customer data. Pete founded The Loyalty People to allow businesses to build and accelerate customer loyalty.