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We’ve made it our mission to create a one stop shop for everything you need to be the best at Customer Loyalty & Marketing. Whether you work in Loyalty, CRM or Marketing you will be able to benefit from been a member of The Loyalty Community.

We understand what its like to work in roles like yours because we once did too. That’s why we want to help you by giving you the tools & resources you need to make your life at work easier, impress your peers and get ahead with your development.


Membership to The Loyalty Community gives you exclusive access to like-minded professionals and experts. We give you the ability to ask our experts questions, get 1-2-1 feedback on your projects and share knowledge with others in the community. All within a secure and closed environment.


When you become a member to our exclusive Loyalty Community you get a range of benefits which we are continuously extending.



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 Templates & Resource Downloads

The library of resources includes templates for strategy, projects, finance, Marketing, Communications, Operations & Data insights. – Each month we add a new bundle of content to the site to keep the library growing and giving you more value each month you are a member.

Video Content & Tutorials

 Each month we publish new video content and tutorials helping you with new ideas, walk through of new templates and regular updates from Pete Howroyd our founder.

Events &


 Each month we publish new video content and tutorials helping you with new ideas, walk through of new templates and regular updates from Pete Howroyd our founder.


 The Experts

Ask our experts one to one questions about your specific projects or day to day work. Perhaps you need some inspiration on a project or you need a second pair of eyes on your strategy before you present it. Our experts answer your questions and give advice confidentially within 48 hours.

The News


Curated News just for Loyalty, CRM & Marketing professionals. We know you can get news from multiple sources online but we’ve made it easier for you by putting the most relevant and important news into one place.

Partnership Offers (Coming Soon)

As our community grows we will be adding benefits such as discounts on day to day items, fitness, meals and many others. Watch this space.

Access to Member only forum

Our forum is an ongoing discussion board broken into multiple topics which encourage ongoing discussion and sharing of insights, templates and knowledge. Having membership allows you to participate in every discussion and topic whilst connecting with other like-minded professionals.

Loyalty & CRM Vendor Directory

We know its frustrating when you need to find new vendors for your projects so we’ve made a directory for you showing the very best vendors in Loyalty Programs and CRM.


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