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Emotion promotion: the new rules of loyalty for the post-COVID era

As we begin the long road to recovery, the question I am being asked most often is: what role, if any, does loyalty have to play in the recovery process?


Are you looking for a new career challenge?

Our partner, Antavo have some exciting career opportunities based in their brand new Singapore office and all of us at The Loyalty People wanted to give our community members the opportunity to see these amazing new roles before anyone else.  

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Top 5 Reasons Your Loyalty Program is Struggling

Is your Loyalty program struggling to hold its own? Check out these top tips to help you get your program back on track 

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The Power of a Simple Thank You to boost customer engagment

A simple but overlooked customer initiative which brands can easily leverage to improve retention and engagement across their valued base  

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Loyalty is not dead - Top 4 reasons why

Everywhere we look there are articles about why Customer Loyalty is dead. Check out this article which shows the top 4 reasons why Customer Loyalty is certainly not dead and how you can ensure you keep it alive. 

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12 Top Tips for Loyalty program Success 

Keep your clients up to date with what's happening. To make this content your own, just add your images, text and links, or connect to data from your collection.  

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BHS - Could Loyalty have saved the brand?

BHS was one of the high streets most well known brand and one which many of us grew up with. Its departure from the hi 


Toys R us - was it too late for Loyalty?

Toys R us was a shock to all of us when they announced they were disappearing from the retail landscape. But what happened about hat if they had used customer loyalty better? 

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Staples - A lesson on why you should know your customers

Its never been more important to know your customers and had Staples adopted this mentality before ti was too late then perhaps we would still be enjoying their stationary today. 

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Designing your 12 week plan during COVID-19

The world is in crisis and the majority of us are home bound awaiting the OK to go out and be normal again. But lets not wast this time, lets use the time to plan and get ahead where possible so that recovery is made that little bit easier. 

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How to start your customer analysis plan

Every strategy should be based on data. Businesses that use data to make decisions are almost always more profitable. Start to analyse your customer data today and make better decisions for your business tomorrow.. 


Why your should review your CRM camapigns

Reviewing your CRM activity to vital to staying relevant and getting cut through in the market. Take a look at our article showing some key points to be considered. 

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Get to know your customers - here's why

Do you know who your customers are? If not then how can you market to them, give them the ultimate service and ensure they have what they need?  

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Is it time to review your Loyalty & rewards program?

When did you last review your Loyalty & Rewards program? So much is happening in the loyalty space you can never stand still. Check out our tips on how to keep your programs up to date. 

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Why you need to get to know your customer touch points

How do customers interact with you? Understanding your customer touch points is essential to ensuring that you can give your customers the best possible experience and keep them loyalty to your brand.  


7 ways to use social media to build brand loyalty

Social media is the most prominent communication channel on the planet. Find ways to leverage these channels to your advantage and you can unlock enormous benefits for your brand.  

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Benchmark yourself against your competition

Running a competitor benchmark project is an invaluable way to asses your performance in the market versus those you see as competition. Be careful not to react too quickly before taking stock of the impact on your own business. 

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6 simple steps to making content relevant for your brand 

Content was king and still is. Make sure you give your customers relevant content, there's nothing more disengaging than getting content targeted incorrectly 

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