Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement-

Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement-


Having a Non-Disclosure or NDA agreement is a must when you work a contractor or freelance. This document allows both you & your client (its mutual) to share confidential information between yourself and the Client with full security and confidence that the information will not be passed to a third party. Perfect for gaining additional knowledge from the client before you pitch or working on confidential projects and sharing roadmap designs. Always appear fully prepared and professional by having your NDA ready to supply to potential clients. We recommend you get proactive and send your NDA out for initial conversations which allows your potential clients to feel at ease sharing business information with you.



This document is supplied to you in Word.doc format. You are free to edit these documents to suit your needs. You can also convert these documents into PDF’s and upload into online contract signing software – we recommend Docusign.


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