The Power of a simple Thank You to boost customer engagement

Written by Pete Howroyd 

Feb 2020

Image by Erik Mclean

Just Say Thank you

To be awarded customer loyalty we need to create trust and to achieve trust we must have a consistent emotional connection to our customers. Many studies have concluded that a simple ‘Thank You’ is one of the most powerful mechanics to inspire trust and strengthen relationships of all kinds.


Saying Thank You to your customers is likely to inspire feelings of:


  • A higher level of self-worth

  • A greater desire to shop again

  • Appreciation of being needed as a customer

  • More socially valued and part of a bigger cause


Try some of my simple tips to spark an emotional connection with your customers today:


  • Find out who shopped this week and send an email to say Thank You

  • Send the top 10% of your customers a reward and if you have the right data, make it relevant to their purchase history

  • Ask for an opinion on a product range or marketing campaign

  • Give your most valued customers an unexpected gift; flowers, chocolates, a table for 2 at a restaurant or a handwritten card

  • Give your CEO a list of your top 10 customers and ask them to call each one to give a personal Thank You


Showing gratitude is easier than you think!


I wonder what would happen if we did this in our personal relationships too...


Pete is the founder of The loyalty People and has directed and grown many well-known loyalty programs across department stores, fashion, pharma, and luxury retail. Known within the industry as a thought leader and expert in his field, Pete has a passion for unlocking the value of customer data. Pete founded The Loyalty People to allow businesses to build and accelerate customer loyalty.