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Your go to hub for leading industry experts in CX, Loyalty and
CRM. TLP plus is the new and improved way to recruit expert resources into your team to
supercharge your Loyalty program, CRM or Data analytics capability.

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In a world where the Retail and Hospitality climate are significantly challenged by Covid, The Loyalty People
recognised that the industry will need to think differently about its employment base. As individuals
who have operated at a leadership level client side, we fully understand the process of finding
brilliant people and the mixed capability of generic recruiters to find the right fit.

We have developed The Loyalty People plus to take the frustration out of the lengthy process and provide you with
hand-picked expertise without the need to review hundreds of CVs and pay out expensive
recruitment fees.

We care passionately about people, we recognise there will be tough decisions in the months to
come, that lead to people being unemployed. We also understand that the day job still needs to be

Using TLP plus gives you access to a broad range of resources to fit your business needs. Whether
you need Strategic thinkers, Execution experts, Data analysts or any other kind of resource linked to
Loyalty & CRM we have you covered.

Simply contact us with your requirements or take a look at our associate listings to find the TLP
associate who is going to help your business get to the next level.


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